Dad Bot

Dad Bot is an extremely accurate representation of a father who tells the worlds "best" dad jokes!

100% accurate and good at it
Dad Bot is so good at telling dad jokes that he is a world renowned scientist in dad jokes.
God of embarrassment
Do you need to embarrass that pesky {believeable_child_name} from down the street? Dad Bot has got you covered!
Toggleable auto-responses
Do you still want Dad Bot's other commands without worrying about "Hi {thing}, I'm Dad!" responses? Done!
Community built
"I want my idea in dad bot how do I tell you it?" Goto the Discord server and put it in #dad-bot-suggestions!
Worlds best dad bod
Dad Bot has the worlds best dad bod according to everyone on the planet!
"I want it now!"
Click here or the button at the top that says "Invite The Bot" to invite it to your server!